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Rabiangprai Valley,Nakhon Nayok Province locates in the midst of nature,close to Khao Yai National Park which surrounded by mountains.The plenteous green wood and shady and the sound of nature will make you feel relaxed from daily duty or works.Here we're ready to serve  with the facilities for your relaxing,activities,seminar and other outing.By our both in or out natural meeting room suit to groups, agencies, organizations, companies. There are  two seminar rooms can attend up to 200 and 35 person with meeting equipments. Our various type rooms that can accommodate up to 120 person and many activities on 35 rai of land in great atmosphere is ready to welcome you  all year round.


In the summer with the shady nature of the large natural forest You can relax and explore the nature trails with ease, where trees will simultaneously produce blossoms. variety of fruit trees that will give you endless enjoyment In the rainy season, water from Khlong Ta In Waterfall and Sai Thong Waterfall will flow around the resort. You can play in the water around the area happily and admire the beauty of the forest that is blooming with freshness.In winter, you will experience the morning mist along the mountain range. Cool breeze and soft sunlight will be a lasting impression



Happy you
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when you come here
Rabiangphrai Valley
Nakhon Nayok


In addition to the highlight of the atmosphere Activities are available to be done throughout the day. Whether it's kayaking, ATV riding, archery, cycling, trekking, visiting waterfalls. And there is a swimming pool with slides. Called that each activity It's perfect to do with friends, family, acquaintances, and even a group. 

camping ground

Set up a tent, camp, change accommodation avoid the hustle and bustle Come in touch with nature, soak up the view and enjoy the scenery. natural greenery that can pitch a tent, has a dance floor with a bathroom and free WIFI

Seminar room service

in the embrace of the mountains And the river of Khao Yai National Park. Experience the natural atmosphere in the morning and evening. peaceful and pure Relax your mind to the fullest at the riverside of Klong Ta In Waterfall. and Sai Thong Reservoir


Support for organizing seminars and off-site meetings Suitable for agencies, organizations, companies. There is a seminar room that can accommodate up to 200 people with complete meeting equipment.

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The average journey from Bangkok is about 2 hours(90km), adjusting your body and mind to receive nature. hillside and stream You can pin to this map.

Recommended tourist attractions list and selected accommodation that is excellent Nice to visit and stay for each province.Thank you very much for choosing the resort as one of the best places to stay.

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